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CARR McLEAN - StakCut™ Heavy-Duty Trimmer

StakCut™ Heavy-Duty Trimmer
Specially made to accurately cut paper, mat board, cardboard, film, tissue and textiles, with an ergonomic soft-grip handle for comfort when trimming. Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Base thickness prevents board flexing for accurate straight cuts
  • Through-hardened steel blade with precision-angle will cut stacks up to 30 sheets
  • Patented automatic blade latch that locks with every cutting motion
  • Hand operated clamp holds items securely for accurate cutting
Cat. #DescriptionStock EachQT
67-850Stakcut Heavy Duty Trimmer 15" Cut Length - 30 Sheet Cap. - DISCONTINUEDNo$365.00
67-851Stakcut Heavy Duty Trimmer 24" Cut Length - 30 Sheet Cap. - DISCONTINUEDNo$562.00