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CARR McLEAN - LS3008 Rugged Barcode Scanner

LS3008 Rugged Barcode Scanner
Innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning, and captures even tiny, stacked and poorly printed barcodes. 3 Year Warranty.
  • Durable, lightweight and ergonomic design for superior productivity
  • Liquid Polymer Scan Technology eliminates friction and wear, providing superior durability and reliability
  • Superior motion tolerance reduces fatigue and increases productivity by enabling users to scan barcodes in rapid succession without delay
  • Wide working range from 0 to 19 inches
  • Optional Intellistand provides the versatility to switch between hands-free and handheld modes
  • Colour:Yellow
Cat. #DescriptionStock EachQT
60-138Intellistand 1 Wk$124.00
60-139Rugged Barcode Scanner - Ls30081 Wk$657.00