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CARR McLEAN - Bienfang® Buffermount Dry Mounting Tissue

Bienfang® Buffermount Dry Mounting Tissue
Acid-free tissue coated on both sides with low-temperature, inert adhesive that melts during heating and bonds as it cools. It is removable and features an alkaline buffered paper core. Specially designed for use with reproductions, photographs and thin, delicate material such as rice paper, sheepskin, tissue and silk.

100 Sheets Per Package
Cat. #DescriptionStock LbsRollQT
10-152Archival Mount - Dry Mounting Tissue - 24" X 30 Yard Roll2 Wks3.0$215.00
10-160Dry Mounting Tissue 24-1/2" X 100 Yard Roll2 Wks$375.00
10-161Dry Mounting Tissue 40" X 30 Yard Roll2 Wks$319.75
10-199Buffermount - 8"X 10" - Pk 100 2 Wks$90.40
10-200Buffermount - 11"X 14"- Pk 100 1 Wk$166.50
10-201Buffermount - 16"X 20"- Pk 100 1 Wk$316.40