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CARR McLEAN - Library Logo Signs

Library Logo Signs
Guide people to your library with the universally recognized library logo. Durable 1/16" plastic signs are ideal for school libraries. Silk-screened white letters on blue background offer high visibility and readability. Self-adhesive strips on back allow easy mounting.
Cat. #DescriptionStock LbsEachQT
23-069Sign-Quiet Please 8" X 6" 6 Wks2.0$32.00
23-070Sign-Library Sign-8" X 6" Yes2.0$31.00
23-071Sign-Quiet Area 8" X 6" 6 Wks2.0$31.00
23-072Sign-Library-4" X 12" 6 Wks3.0$33.00
23-073Sign-Library-6" X 16" 6 Wks3.0$38.00