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“My Canada” Series
A Lively exploration of Canadian History for Children! Our Game: The History of Hockey in Canada “.

Blizzard of Glass: The Halifax Explosion of 1917 - author: Sally M. Walker
A riveting account of the largest man-made explosion prior to the atomic bomb.

Building Canada by Bonnie Shemie
Sitting so close to the United States, and with influences from France, Great Britain, Asia and Europe, building styles in Canada are familiar but different, eclectic, and unique.

Canada at War by Lance Goddard
Lance Goddard has worked in television for more than 20 years.

Canada at Work by Anne Loue and Jane Drake
This series introduces children to the people, machines and environmental concerns involved in resource-based industries.

Canada We Remember by Linda Granfield
Dieppe: On the night of August 19, 1942, a force of 5000 Canadians launched an attack on the Nazi held French port of Dieppe.

Canada: A People's History by Don Quinlan
These companion books to the highly acclaimed CBC-TV series have been written by Canadian educators to correspond with intermediate history curricula across the country.

Canada: Fun Facts, Games and Activities by Jeff Sinclair
Canada is COOL! Take off on a fun-filled trip through all the provinces and territories—from the Yukon River rapids to the rocky shores of Labrador.

Canada: Very Interesting...
These books are sure to bring lots of smiles and moans, giggles and groans to kids from coast to coast.

Canada: You Should Know...
Kids will discover some facts that even their teachers don’t know.

Canada’s Wars: An Illustrated History by Jonathan Webb
In this important new book, Jonathan Webb gives young Canadians a comprehensive look at Canada’s efforts in wars ranging from the Boer War of 1884 up to the war in Afghanistan.

Canadian Chills by Arthur Slade
There’s something chilling about Canada! This action packed series will explore those mysterious, creepy (but exciting) places all across the great northland, including Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Nanaimo and more.

Canadian Courage
Although officially Canada considers itself a peacekeeping nation, there have been many occasions when Canadians have taken up arms around the world.

Canadian Flyer Adventures by Frieda Wishinsky
A fresh slant on Canadian history from an award-winning children’s author, this magical series transports young readers back to the most exciting points in Canada’s past.

Canadian Kids Who Rocked the World by Tanya Lloyd Kyi
No one ever said you had to be a grown-up to do something great.

Canadian Pioneer by Barbara Greenwood
Barbara Greenwood enjoys searching out our roots as a country and exploring our dreams as a people.

Canadian Victories by Hugh Brewster
On Juno Beach: June 6, 2004 marked the 60th anniversary of D-Day—A day when Canadians landed on Juno Beach and faced Hitler’s Atlantic Wall.

Canadians at War – by Ted Barris
Ted Barris is an accomplished author and broadcaster.

Charles Pachter Books
With his talent joyfully evident on every page, M is for Moose celebrates Charles Pachter’s continuing fascination with the marriage of words and images, his love for Canada, and his depth of understanding of our history.

Christmas in the Trenches by John McCutcheon
This haunting story is based on an event in World War I known as the Christmas truce.

Dear Canada
Vetted by historical experts, each book in this series contains maps, numerous period illustrations and an extensive historical note.

Disabilities and Differences
These unique books introduce children to the notion that all people are different and all people are special.

Disaster Strikes by Penny Draper and Rita Feutl
The Disaster Strikes series is meant to show Canadian history through moments of not national but local catastrophe.

Discover Canada
Rich in history and diverse in their populations, landscape, wildlife, culture, and folklore, the Canadian provinces are a fascinating subject for study and discussion.

Discovering Canada by Robert Livesey and A.G. Smith
An exciting look at our country’s history—“Rebel” isn’t a word normally associated with Canadians, but our history is rich with courageous men and women who have challenged the status quo.

Game Time by David Skuy
The Game Time series is a perfect selection for hockey lovers and for the reluctant boy reader.

Haunted Canada
These true tales of terror from all parts of Canada will chill you to the bone.

Hello Canada Completely Revised!
Hello Canada is a broad introduction for young readers to the geography, history, economy and people of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.

History for Young Canadians Series – by Pierre Berton
Pierre Berton, Canadian author, journalist, and media personality, hailed from Whitehorse.

Hockey Series by Mike Leonetti and Shayne Letain
Mike Leonetti, Woodbridge, Ontario, is the author of many hockey books and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport.

I Am Canada Series by Paul Yee, Hugh Brewster and John Wilson
Canada’s past comes alive through the eyes of young men caught up in the danger, drama, and excitement of defining historical events.

Larger Than Life Biographies
Larger Than Life Biographies focus on interesting and important Canadian figures.

Meet Canadian Authors and Illustrators by Allison Gerridge
As school children are frequently searching for biographical material about their favourite Canadian authors and illustrators, either for their own interest or because of school.

My Story Series
Tales of Bravery and Courage.

Nellie McClung Trilogy by Connie Brummel Crook
Nellie McClung—a Manitoba farm girl who became Canada’s most famous pioneer for women’s rights.

O Canada
"O Canada Our National Anthem" Striking photographs combine with the simple words of “O Canada” to convey the beauty and variety of our country.

Real Life Adventures by Larry Verstraete
True-life stories about life threatening situations and wrenching choices made by the people facing them.

Scholastic Canada Biographies by author Maxine Trottier
Celebrate national pride through the lives of our most famous Canadians.

The Big Book of Canada by Christopher Moore
Exploring the Provinces and Territories.

The Canadians
The Canadians is a series of accessible, illustrated biographies focusing on the men and women who shaped Canadian history.

The First Nations Series for Young Readers
Celebrating the stories and achievements of First Nations peoples in North America through fiction and biography.

The Goldstone Trilogy by Julie Lawson
Julie Lawson has emerged as one of Canada’s best children’s authors, having published more than twenty books for young people.

The Highway of Heroes by Kathy Stinson
This photographic picture book pays tribute to the sacrifices of those Canadian men and women in our armed forces and their families, while highlighting the remarkable patriotism of Canadian citizens who honour them.

The Kalifax Trilogy by Duncan Thornton
Kalifax is a magical, allegorical trip through the Northwest Passage, told in a lilting language that will keep readers of all ages enthralled.

The Kids Book Of...
This book set presents a variety of significant Canadian topics from an historical perspective.

The Quest Library by award-winning authors
Biographies of Great Canadians.

The R.M. Patterson Collection by R.M. Patterson
Born in 1898, RM Patterson spent most of his life pursuing adventure in the Canadian West.

The Rink Rats by Irene Punt
With the fun backdrop of seasonal school activities and hockey games, Irene Punt touches on the important themes of teamwork, conflict resolution, and acceptance of responsibility—all with the cheerful, positive outlook of an average, everyday kid.

The War of 1812 - Bicentennial
The summer of 1812 saw the beginning of one of the most brutal wars to take place on Canadian soil.

Wow Canada! Collection
Richly varied, yet intrinsically connected, the books in the Wow Canada! Collection celebrate different aspects of the country’s story.