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CARR McLEAN - The Arts

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All Access Totally Unauthorized by Riley Brooks
Only an All Access Pass gets you this close! These biographies are totally unauthorized and are not sponsored by or affiliated with these mega-stars at all.

Art Mysteries by Anna Nilsen
The innovative split page format design of these books lets readers learn about great art while searching for clues to find clever forgeries by comparing them to originals.

Artists In Their Time
From the classical to the contemporary, from Impressionism to Pop Art, painters and sculptors from various eras, movements, and countries around the world are introduced in this superb series that brings children intimate portraits of the world’s most celebrated artists and the fascinating times they lived in! Includes full-colour and black & white photographs and reproductions.

Bob Raczka’s Art Adventure by Bob Raczka
Join Bob Raczka as he delves deeply into the fine art world and introduces famous works in lighthearted ways.

Disney's Camp Rock
Featuring the Jonas Brothers and introducing Demi Lovato! Summer at Camp Rock is always jammin' with drama, excitement and, of course, lots of singing, the long days are packed full of fun.

Disney's Jonas Series
Jonas is undeniably the hottest rock band on the planet, but behind the cool clothes and sleek guitars, Nick, Kevin, and Joe Lucas are just three guys from New Jersey who are living their dream.

DK Children’s Books: Art and Music
Children’s Book of ArtAn international tour of the world’s greatest art-—from the first daubs of paint in prehistoric caves to today’s performance art.

DK Eyewitness Books: The Arts
Since 1988 the Eyewitness Series has sold over 52 million copies in 88 countries and in 36 languages making it a trusted favourite around the world with teachers, librarians, parents and most importantly— kids.

Everything Series
The National Geographic Kids™ Everything Series breathes new life into the reference category with fresh, dynamic and fun presentations of the nonfiction subjects that kids love most.

Eyewitness Artists
The evolution of DK’s best-selling Eyewitness series continues with 6 more favourites from the Eyewitness collection which now feature a new look and eight more pages of text and images.

Getting to Know the Worlds Greatest: Artists and Composers
Clever illustrations and story lines, together with full-colour reproductions of actual paintings and original cartoon illustrations, give children a light yet realistic overview of each artist’s and composer’s life and style in these fun and educational books.

iCarly Series by Aaron Rosenberg
Carly, Sam and Freddie love the crazy videos sent in by their viewers, but the crazy viewers are another story! These chapter books feature episode adaptations.

Junk Food: Tasty Celebrity Bios
OMG! This tasty new series serves up the delicious dish on kids' favourite celebrities —with plenty of food for thought to keep even the most reluctant readers coming back for second and third helpings.

Legends of Music
A duo of collectible hardcover books featuring the biggest music legends of all time.

Meet Canadian Authors and Illustrators by Allison Gerridge
As school children are frequently searching for biographical material about their favourite Canadian authors and illustrators, either for their own interest or because of school.

Poseur by Rachel Mande
Poseur (noun): A person who pretends to be what he or she is not—Charlotte Beverwil, Janie Farrish, Melissa Moon and Petra Greene attend exclusive Winston Prep in the Hollywood Hills.

Quick Draw by Peter Bull
Draw mermaids, cats, dogs, knights and other characters with this series that will teach children everything they need to know in order to sketch with confidence.

Starting Art – by Irene Luxbacher
Encourage play and experimentation with everyday materials and tools.

The Quality Instinct: Seeing Art Through a Museum Directors’s Eye ?– By Maxwell L. Anderson
How do we judge what is good in art? Or more to the controversial point, can we judge art? Maxwell Anderson, Eugene McDermott Director of the Dallas Museum of Art, enters the fray with The Quality Instinct.

The Ted Harrison Collection
Internationally acclaimed artist Ted Harrison captures the essence of the North’s rugged and diverse landscapes.

Visions in Poetry
Visions in Poetry, an award-winning series of classic poems illustrated by outstanding contemporary artists in stunning hardcover editions.

Women’s Hall of Fame Series
Titles include: Spectacular Women in Space, Great Women Leaders, Super Women in Science, Amazing Women Athletes, Fabulous Female Physicians, Extraordinary Women Explorers and Magnificent Women in Music.