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Abby and Tess Pet-Sitters by Trina Wiebe
This award-winning series features Abby, a would-be veterinarian who desperately wants a pet but lives in a “no pets allowed” apartment building, and her younger sister, Tess.

Animal Fairy Tales – by Charlotte Guillain
Beautiful illustrations and simple text retell classic fairy tales with a twist: all the characters are animals! Children will love reading these stories in small or big format.

Animal Helpers – A True Book series
For thousands of years, animals have lived side by side with people, helping humans to achieve incredible things.

Animal Predators by Sandra Markle
With remarkable photographs of animals on the hunt, this series focuses on some of the most skillful hunters in the animal kingdom.

Animal Superpowers
Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Did you know some animals have superhero abilities? Books in this series use simple, levelled text and vivid images to teach readers about some of the Earth’s super-skilled animals.

Animal Weapons and Defenses
Whether it is toxic venom, bone-snapping jaws, or record-shattering speed, animals have mind-blowing weapons and defenses.

Animals Under Threat
Explore the lives of fascinating animals in danger of extinction, as well as those who have been saved.

Ask Dr. K. Fisher by Claire Llewellyn
A fresh, innovative approach to learning about science, the Ask Dr K Fisher series uses a problem/solution format—and a dose of humor—to present facts.

Bindi Wildlife Adventures
Bindi Sue Irwin is only 13 years old and is already an international, award-winning celebrity! Born to wildlife conservationists Steve and Terry Irwin, Bindi was just 3 years old when she made her television debut on The Crocodile Hunter.

Books by Bill Martin Junior/Illustrated by Eric Carle
The creators of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? reunite to address the topic of animal conservation.

Canada Close Up – by Chelsea Donaldson
The books in the Canada Close Up series are a great reference tool for young readers.

Clifford the Big Red Dog - by Norman Bridwell.
For five decades, Clifford the Big Red Dog has been entertaining children, parents, and teachers with his BIG adventures.

Discover More™ Series
When You Need to Learn More—Discover More! An eye-popping and innovative new book series, that allows readers to get up-close and personal with everything under the sun and beyond the stars.

Dive Trilogy by Gordon Korman
Gordon Korman has incredible name recognition among kids, parents and teachers.

DK Eye Wonder Books
Offering a new level of information through powerful visuals, the Eye Wonder reference series was specifically developed for children ready for first books about the natural world.

DK Eyewitness Books: Animal Kingdom
When you want to know everything about anything! Eyewitness is truly the ultimate visual information encyclopedia for the 21st century.

From the highest places of the rainforest to the deepest part of the ocean and the various places in between, this series explores the world’s ecosystems and the fascinating and bizarre creatures and plants that live there.

Elephant & Piggie - by Mo Willems.
Gerald and Piggie are best friends! Optimistic (and sometimes restless) Piggie and cautious, pessimistic Elephant are two lovable, funny, accessible and appealing characters that are full of the authentic emotions that make friendships tick! Children will eagerly take the plunge with these books to start reading on their own.

Everything Series
The National Geographic Kids™ Everything Series breathes new life into the reference category with fresh, dynamic and fun presentations of the nonfiction subjects that kids love most.

Eyewitness Ocean Life
Here is an exciting and informative book set that guides students through the natural history, geology and exploration of the world’s vast oceans.

Food Chain Reactions by Suzanne Slade
Compelling nonfiction stories that highlight the value of biodiversity.

Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy - by Geronimo Stilton
Join Geronimo Stilton for his biggest, most fabumouse adventures yet! Dragons, mermaids, and much more await readers in these very special editions! 320 pages Ages: 7–10 Reading Level: 2–5 Hardcover.

Geronimo Stilton Cavemice — by Geronimo Stilton
This brand-new Geronimo Stilton series spin-off is set in the Stone Age! Who is Geronimo Stiltonoot? He is a cavemouse—Geronimo Stilton’s ancient ancestor.

Geronimo Stilton: Spacemice – Geronimo is out of this world in an all-new series!
Meet Geronimo Stiltonix: He is a spacemouse—the Geronimo Stilton of a parallel universe! He is captain of the spaceship MouseStar 1.

Headline Issues
Each title in this series focuses on a different global issue, ranging from the pressures of population growth to the impact of dwindling resources on our planet.

Inside Science: Readers Series
Invite young readers to step inside the world of science and technology with Inside Science Readers.

Kitty Corner
Ellen Mills loves dogs, which is why she has a great time writing Puppy Place books.

Mad About Series
This fantastic new series is designed to satisfy inquisitive pre-schooler minds.

Marley by John Grogan
Mommy, Daddy, Cassie, and Baby Louie welcome Marley, their new Labrador pup, into their family—but Marley doesn't stay a tiny puppy for long.

My Little Pony Chapter Books — by G.M. Berrow
Everyone’s favourite little ponies are back—in a new chapter book series.

National Geographic Kids™ Chapters
National Geographic Kids™ Chapters offer young animal lovers, who are ready for short chapters, lively stories that are inviting and easy to read.

On My Own Science
Readers will discover the appeal of science.

Pacific Wild Books —by Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read
Extensively illustrated with Ian McAllister’s photographs, these books explore the delicate balance that exists between the Great Bear Sea in British Columbia, and the rainforest it nourishes.

Pegasus Series — by Kate O’Hearn
—The stories of Pegasus and a 13 year old girl, in New York.

Pet Hotel — by Kate Finch
A fun, funny new chapter book series full of adorable pets and silly adventures.

Pet Trouble by T.T. Sutherland
Pet trouble is a brand-new series for kids about dogs who just can't behave! Every book in the Pet Troubles Series features the story of a different dog—and the owner that loves him or her.

Polar Worlds
An eye-opening introduction to the wildlife of the earth expressed through the exquisite artwork and anecdotes of renowned artist Robert Bateman.

Protect Our Planet
This timely series introduces children to key environmental issues of the 21st century.

Protecting Food Chains
The sustainability of life depends on food chains.

Rabbids Invasion Case Files – by David Lewman, illustrated by Shane L. Johnson
The Rabbids are crazy, silly, and hilarious—and in this start to an illustrated chapter book series, they’re under investigation! The Rabbids have landed their yellow submarine–shaped spacecraft on Earth, and they are all set to wreak havoc everywhere they go.

Ruth Ohi Series – by Ruth Ohi
Ruth Ohi has done it again! The stories of Fox and Squirrel are among the Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Best Books” selection for 2014.

Save Our Animals
Get up to date information on threatened species including population numbers past and present, future predicted population sizes, and the actions being taken to protect and save the species.

Scary Creatures
Anacondas, woolly rhinos, and hyenas, oh my! Beware the beasts you’ll meet inside these thrilling books, with special “x-ray” pages that let you peer clear through to the animals skeleton, colourful “call-out” illustrations, and myth busting “did you know” questions.

Science... It’s a Good Thing
Bats and spiders are scary.

Scientists in the Field Series
The Scientist in the Field books show people immersed in the unpredictable and dynamic natural world, making science more accessible, relevant, and exciting to young readers.

From the author of the nationally bestselling Warriors books comes another animal fantasy series.

Shark Expedition
World-famous underwater photographer Jeff Rotman takes you closer than you’ve ever been to these fierce or friendly (but always fascinating) ocean creatures.

Space Penguins – by Lucy Courtenay
What’s black and white, and flies faster than the speed of light? The Space Penguins! They’re the ice-cool crew of the spaceship Tunafish.

Spirit Animals – Written by New York Times Bestselling Authors
Enter the world of Erdas, where every child who comes of age must discover if they have a spirit animal, a rare bond between human and beast that bestows great powers to both.

The Adventure Series - by Willard Price
Hal and Roger Hunt are colder than they’ve ever been in their lives, up among the ice floes of Greenland.

The Pet Sitter by Julie Sykes
Max has a problem—He loves animals, but his sneezy allergic sister means no family pets! When his mom sees an advertisement for a pet sitter in the local pet store, she thinks his problem is solved.

The Puppy Place by Ellen Miles
The Puppy Place, where every puppy finds a home! With strong dogs and helpful puppy tips included in every book, this playful series is not only fun to read but a great resource for prospective or current junior dog owners! A new puppy to love in every story.

The Rescue Princesses —by Paula Harrison
These are not your average, ordinary princesses—they’re the Rescue Princesses.

True or False by Melvin and Gilda Berger
Over 1 million True or False books in print! Let’s face it, kids love to ask and answer questions, which is why the True or False Series is packed full of fun questions like “Do diamonds really come from coal?” Kids will read the question on the right-hand page and then flip it over to find out the answer.

Undersea Encounters
Greeks Built Temples The Sun Rises Stars Twinkle Camels Have Humps Castles Had Moats Fish Grew Legs Horses Wear Shoes I Blink Kangaroos Have Pouches Mountains Have Snow on Top Mice are Musical.

What’s Lurking In This House? by Nancy Harris
These books introduce readers to the different pests and plants that could be growing in the different rooms of an imaginary house.

Wild Paws by Susan Hughes and Illustrations by Heather Graham
This popular Canadian series has been given a whole new look! New readers will love the adventures of Maxine Kearney, a young animal lover, whose dreams come true when she volunteers at an animal rescue clinic, and she actually helps wild animals in need.

WILD RESCUE - by Jan Burchett
A thrilling action and adventure series for children passionate about endangered animals and the environment.

Wolves of the Beyond - by Kathryn Lasky
In the harsh wilderness beyond the owl world of Ga’Hoole, a wolf mother hides in fear.