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“My Canada” Series
A Lively exploration of Canadian History for Children! Our Game: The History of Hockey in Canada “.

All-Star Sports by Fred Bowen
The All-Star Sports story series skillfully interweaves sports fiction with a little real sports history.

Amazing Athletes
Amazing Athletes introduces young readers to some of sports greatest superstars.

Brady Brady – by Mary Shaw and Chuck Temple
Brady Brady and the Icedogs were thrilled to be playing in the most important hockey tournament of the season—The Gold Stick.

Chris Crutcher Sports
Chris Crutcher is the critically acclaimed author of seven young adult novels and a collection of short stories, all of which were selected as ALA Best Books for Young Adults.

Eric Walters Sports
Eric Walters, canadian, is the author of many acclaimed and best-selling novels for children and young adults.

Extreme Sports - by Ellen Labrecque, Jim Gigliotti and Michael Hurley
Books in this series introduce readers to some of the world’s most Extreme Sports! Each title teaches readers a simple exercise to help them become better athletes.

Eyewitness Sports
Inspire and instruct young athletes with these detailed examinations of their favourite sport.

Going for Gold Series
By Donna King Written especially for girls, these novels are perfect for young athletes.

Graphic Novels Sports Illustrated Kids
Full-colour, full-action, full-throttle sports stories­—a thrilling graphic novel format infused with the insider knowledge of Sports Illustrated Kids.

Great Teams
What makes a team great? Find out in this exciting series.

Greatest Sports Heroes
These compelling stories of the super athletes who have succeeded against all odds to make a living playing the games they love, will be irresistible to reluctant readers.

Heads or Tails
Ever wish that you could just whisper some advice to your favourite character? “Don’t go in there!” “She’s lying to you!” “It’s a trap!” If you’ve ever read a book and wished you could take control—then Heads or Tails books are for you! Softcover - 5-1/2” x 8-1/2” 72 pages Ages: 8–15 Grades: 4+

How Sports Work - by Greg Hall and Stephen MacEachern
Crowds go wild for the How Sports Works series.

Howling Timberwolf Series by Sigmund Brouwer
The Howling Timberwolves Series of Orca Echoes early chapter books offer lots of sports action and humour that will appeal to young boys.

Jake Maddox JV – by Jake Maddox
These longer sports stories take the best-selling Jake Maddox series to the next level with characters who will face tougher challenges, harder opponents, and be forced to work even harder to win.

Kids Science - by Shar Levine
Join mad scientists Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone, the creators of Scary Science and Snowy Science, as they go behind the scenes of our country’s favorite sport with thier usual sense of humour and wonder.

Lawrence High Yearbook Series
awrence High is a typical high school.

Looney Bay All-Stars by Helaine Becker
Get ready for adventure, Canadian style! The Looney Bay All-Stars put sports first, except when they’re forced to take on dastardly pirates, warring knights, rambunctious Vikings and other troubled time-travellers.

My First NHL Book- by Christopher Jordan
What better way to introduce children to the action-packed world of hockey than through a new series of books aimed at the youngest of hockey fans? Published with the NHL and the NHLPA, this great series introduces essential early concepts through the fun and entertaining world of hockey.

National Geographic Extreme Sports
Exciting paperback profiles of popular extreme sports.

Nicholas - by Gilles Tibo, Illustrated by Bruno St-Aubin
Nicholas has his parents, his coach, the other spectators, and even his sister doling out advice on how to take on the top team in the league.

Orca Sports
Orca Sports are short high-interest novels written by bestselling authors, with contemporary themes, with an emphasis on sports and mystery/suspense.

Learn the fundamental strategies and techniques of various sports with Play-By-Play.

Screech Owls Series by Roy MacGregor
Meet Canada’s favourite hockey team! They shoot—They score! They solve the crime! Some kids just can’t stay out of trouble.

Sport Stories - by Jake Maddox
Pumped-up, easy-to-read sports stories with an emphasis on speed, skill, and fair play.

Sports Encylopedias
Get the inside scoop on all the events! Meet the athletes.

Sports Illustrated - The Science of Sports
It’s fun to watch a high-flying slam dunk, a perfect spiral thrown for a touchdown, or a batter fooled by a hard-breaking curveball.

Sports Illustrated, Sports Math
Show your sports fans how relevant and integral math is to sports.

Sports Stories by Fred Bowen
Fred Bowen’s latest series, Sports Stories, was launched in August 2009.

Take It To The Extreme by Pam Withers
Best friends Jake and Peter love trying out new extreme sports and competing with each other.

The Mitchell Brother Series by Brian McFarlane
Join Max and Marty on all their hockey adventures.

Ultimate Pro Team Guides
Sports Illustrated Kids brings you the ultimate sports books to satisfy the ultimate young sports fanatics, no matter their favourite sport or team.

Winter Sports
Each book in this action-packed series includes the basics of the winter sport, the proper gear and skills needed to play and a close look both at the history of the game and the current stars.

Women’s Hall of Fame Series
Titles include: Spectacular Women in Space, Great Women Leaders, Super Women in Science, Amazing Women Athletes, Fabulous Female Physicians, Extraordinary Women Explorers and Magnificent Women in Music.

World’s Greatest Sporting Events
Athletes dream of being a part of sports history.

X-Treme Outdoors
Have you got the grace, style– and guts!– to make it in the world of extreme sports? Get the lowdown on what you need to know– about gear, game rules, mastering rugged conditions, safety tips, extreme celebrities, competitions, and more! 48 pages.