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CARR McLEAN - Chicagoland Detective Agency <i>— by Trina Robbins</i>

Chicagoland Detective Agency — by Trina Robbins
One thing you can count on in Chicagoland: weird things happen several times a day. Megan doesn’t fit in at Stepford Academy, her new summer school. The other students are happy to be in class—too happy. Everyone looks exactly alike—that’s weird. Megan is determined to dig into Stepford’s secrets, but soon she’s in too deep. Raf may be her only help. Zombified students, mad scientists and a school psychiatrist on their trail—Megan and Raf are in trouble! We did say that Chicagoland is weird…
  • 64 pages
  • Ages: 9–14
  • Softcover: 6” x 8-1/2”
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