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CARR McLEAN - The Saga of Larten Crepsley <i>— by Darren Shan </i>

The Saga of Larten Crepsley — by Darren Shan
In the first four volumes in The Saga of Larten Crepsley, young, Larten’s life is thrown into chaos when his closest friend is murdered. Retreating from the world of humans, he finds refuge in the night-world of the vampire clan. He has the bravery, strength and skill to go far as a creature of the night, but he faces a number of troubling obstacles and setbacks. He never feels totally in charge of his life, and though he always tries to do the right thing, he makes serious mistakes—for which he must
later pay.
  • 256 pages
  • Ages: 12+
  • Grades: 6+
  • Softcover: 5” x 7-1/8”
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