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"You Wouldnt Want to Be..." Series
This delightful series brings something unusual to the study of history—humour.

All About Myths and Legends
The world’s myths are filled with characters, creatures and stories that have fascinated people for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptian Civilization
Entertain even the most reluctant readers with solid content on this fascinating civilization.

Ancient Myths
Ancient Myths transports the reader to an era filled with courageous heroes, formidable monsters, and perilous journeys.

Classics: Ancient Greece: Gods and Battles
A comprehensive selection of programs offers viewers a detailed look at Ancient Greece through its most pivotal figures and conflicts.

DK Eyewitness Books: Egyptian Theme
Easy-to-read text with full-colour illustrations.

DK Eyewitness Books: Middle Ages
A mini museum in every book! Eyewitness Books thoroughly explore areas of interest in the Middle Ages with easily understood text and full-colour illustrations.

Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids - DVDs
Over 5,000 years ago, an empire arose on the banks of the Nile.

Engineering An Empire: Rome
The History Channel’s special Engineering An Empire: Rome, undertakes a documentary-style foray into ancient Roman buildings and city planning, via a combination of on-location footage and CGI illustrations.

Everything Series
The National Geographic Kids™ Everything Series breathes new life into the reference category with fresh, dynamic and fun presentations of the nonfiction subjects that kids love most.

Eyewitness Ancient Cultures
Students will be fascinated with hundreds of exquisite full-colour photos arrayed in an elegant magazine-like format bring nature and technology to vivid life.

Horrible Histories by Terry Deary
History with the nasty bits left in! Since the very first Horrible Histories titles were publishes back in 1993, history books for children have never been the same.

I Wonder Why Series - Hardcover
The question-and-answer format serves as a great resource for energetic home and classroom discussions.

Let’s Think About
This series helps children to develop critical thinking and debating skills when it comes to advertising, social media, sustainable energy and animal rights.

Life And Times Series
This lavishly illustrated history series is nonfiction at its best.

Little Explorers – Science
This visually dramatic set investigates topics young kids love best.

Myth-O-Mania - by Kate McMullan
Kate McMullan’s popular series, Myth-O-Mania, is back in print! Get the real truth behind the most famous Greek myths like Hadess, King of the Underworld.

What would Apollo’s online profile look like? What would Aphrodite say if she had her own blog? Greek mythology hall of famers meet the modern age in a thoroughly new series that brings to life the superstars of Greek myth and the stories that put them in the pantheon! Complete with profiles, headshots, and family trees; fascinating sidebars; and irreverent surprises.

National Geographic Investigates
Archaeology comes alive through the expert focus and trusted lens of National Geographic.

National Geographic: "How To Be An..." Series by Fiona Macdonald
History is exciting and memorable in this creative new nonfiction series that “preps” children for some of the most fascinating occupations through time.

Pegasus Series — by Kate O’Hearn
—The stories of Pegasus and a 13 year old girl, in New York.

People of the Ancient World
Who were the people of the ancient world? What was it like to be a farmer, a soldier, or an artisan in ancient times? What did their experiences contribute to modern-day culture? Find out as you journey back in time for an extraordinary look at People of the Ancient World.

Popular Culture Bios: Super Singers
This series presents engaging and fact-filled looks at the lives of some of today’s hottest super singers, including Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and more.

Tales of the Dead
Tales of the Dead: Ancient Egypt is actually two books in one! It’s a fact-packed reference work and a fast-paced fiction title seamlessly designed in a single volume.

The Ancient World
Take a journey back in time to witness the development of history’s greatest civilizations! Engaging text and eye-catching photographs, maps and engravings teach you about the history, culture and life of each civilization and shows readers how each civilization continues to affect our world today.

The Good Times Travel Agency by Linda Bailey
The Good Times Travel Agency series offers a witty blend of fact and fiction.

The Other Side of the Myth
Every story has two sides, including the most famous of Greek myths.

The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence
Welcome to the world of Flavia Gemina—the year is 79 AD—the place is Ostia, the port of Rome.

The Wicked History of the World by Terry Deary
Foul but fascinating stories of humans throughout history!This gruesome yet informative look at the history of the world is chock full of everything from brain-nibbling Neanderthals to terrified teenage soldiers in the 20th century.

Time Hunters — by Chris Blake
Join Tom on an incredible treasure hunt through time and battle history’s mightiest warriors.

Understanding People of the Past
This series, updated with new photos and a new design, introduces readers to the lives of ancient peoples and their social, economic, political, and cultural beliefs and practices.

Way of the Warrior
Let the battles begin! Way of the Warrior takes readers into the fray with history’s most valiant and infamous soldiers for a behind-the-scenes look at warriors through the ages.

You Choose: Ancient Cultures
Put readers in the driver’s seat with these interactive history books! Everything in these books happened to real people.