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First Graphics: Wild Earth — by Renée M. Gray-Wilburn and Evelyn M. Aboff
See our wild earth in action! The simple graphic, nonfiction format promotes earth science understanding as kids learn the sequence of events that causes natural disasters.

A True Book: Disasters
Heart-stopping disasters from ships torn apart by icebergs to planes bursting into flames under mysterious circumstances and fiery volcanoes wiping out entire villages.

A True Book: Earth Science
What makes the earth quake, rivers flood, and volcanoes blow their tops? How do natural forces become natural disasters? Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a bumpy ride to the center of the earth for a look at some of the wildest phenomena in the history of earth science.

Ask Dr. K. Fisher by Claire Llewellyn
A fresh, innovative approach to learning about science, the Ask Dr K Fisher series uses a problem/solution format—and a dose of humor—to present facts.

Awesome Forces of Nature by Louis and Richard Spilsbury
Natural disasters are some of the scariest and most fascinating events that occur.

Canada at Work by Anne Loue and Jane Drake
This series introduces children to the people, machines and environmental concerns involved in resource-based industries.

Canada Close Up – by Chelsea Donaldson
The books in the Canada Close Up series are a great reference tool for young readers.

Citizen Kid™
CitizenKid™ is a collection of books that inform children about the world and inspire them to be better global citizens.

Climate of Change
Tilda Swinton narrates this documentary about ordinary people across the globe whose dedication to fighting the devastating effects of global warming helps prove that everyday citizens have the capacity to enact monumental change.

Conservation: Our Earth
What are natural resources and why is it important to protect them? How can you clean up the earth—when you don’t even have time to clean up your room? Get the dirt on how the environment works and what you can do to help keep it clean by going green.

Disaster Dossiers
This series of books looks at a range of natural disasters, using firsthand accounts to describe events and people’s experiences, providing multiple perspectives from eyewitnesses, survivors, the emergency services, scientists, and the media.

What causes a disaster? Go behind the scenes to investigate the science behind natural and man-made catastrophes.

Disasters Up Close
With dramatic images and first-hand survivor stories, plus the latest facts and figures, this series takes you up close with the world’s most devastating disasters.

DK Eye Wonder Books
Offering a new level of information through powerful visuals, the Eye Wonder reference series was specifically developed for children ready for first books about the natural world.

DK Eyewitness Books: The Earth
Discover the power of volcanoes and earthquakes from hot spots and black smokers to devastating tremors and tsunamis.

This series examines global warming and its consequences for life on Earth.

From the highest places of the rainforest to the deepest part of the ocean and the various places in between, this series explores the world’s ecosystems and the fascinating and bizarre creatures and plants that live there.

Epic Disasters
The power of Mother Nature is awe-inspiring.

Everything Series
The National Geographic Kids™ Everything Series breathes new life into the reference category with fresh, dynamic and fun presentations of the nonfiction subjects that kids love most.

Extreme Survival
How do people and animals react to extreme situations? Incredible true stories of survival will captivate your reluctant readers as they learn what it takes for people to survive everything from natural disasters, to stunts to military training.

Eyewitness Books – Now in paperback with a new look!
DK’s popular Eyewitness series has been the most trusted non-fiction series in classrooms, libraries and homes around the world for 25 years.

Headline Issues
Each title in this series focuses on a different global issue, ranging from the pressures of population growth to the impact of dwindling resources on our planet.

Help the Environment
This series introduces very young children to the concept of caring for the environment.

Inside Science: Readers Series
Invite young readers to step inside the world of science and technology with Inside Science Readers.

Kingfisher Knowledge
Classroom-friendly featuring texts by expert authors, high-quality photography, web resources and suggestions about places to visit.

Landform Adventurers - by Anita Ganeri
This series presents the most jaw-dropping landforms found on earth through the eyes of the scientists who explore them.

Let’s Think About
This series helps children to develop critical thinking and debating skills when it comes to advertising, social media, sustainable energy and animal rights.

Little Explorers – Science
This visually dramatic set investigates topics young kids love best.

Managing Our Resources
Which raw materials do we depend on in everyday life? What can we do to conserve them? This series studies Earth’s natural resources, emphasizing the need for sustainable use, including current initiative and actions readers can take.

Natural Disasters
Perfect for reluctant teen readers who are curious about the destructive power of planet Earth, or who are researching a science paper, the Natural Disasters series explains how and why natural disasters occur, and how to stay safe if the reader should experience one.

On My Own Science
Readers will discover the appeal of science.

ORCA Footprint – Michelle Mulder and Nikki Tate – Small steps toward big changes
Winner of the 2014 Children's Literature Roundtables of Canada Information Book Award!“These books feature accessible texts, appealing layouts and global perspectives.

Pacific Wild Books —by Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read
Extensively illustrated with Ian McAllister’s photographs, these books explore the delicate balance that exists between the Great Bear Sea in British Columbia, and the rainforest it nourishes.

Protect Our Planet
This timely series introduces children to key environmental issues of the 21st century.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
With global concern over the environment, it’s important to teach kids about reducing waste through reusing and recycling materials.

Saving Our Living Earth
Saving Our Living Earth explores the causes of current environmental problems, particularly pollution, and discusses new trends, new technology, and new solutions.

Science... It’s a Good Thing
Bats and spiders are scary.

Solving Mysteries with Science
A new, fun approach to solving the mysteries of the ages.

Survival Squad - by Jonathan Rock
Welcome to the world of the Tiger Patrol! Where adventure and survival travel hand in hand.

Teen Guides to Eco-Living
Eco-Guides are trendy, stylish books that give school-age readers realistic and practical advice on how they can live an eco-conscious life right now.

The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming
The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming is a comprehensive resource filled with facts about global warming and its disastrous consequences, and loads of photos and illustrations, as well as suggestions for how kids can help combat global warming in their homes, schools, and communities.

The Impact of Environmentalism
We are all aware of the importance of the environment—it’s in the news, it affects our behaviour and the decisions we make every day.

World in Peril
For a global tour of the Earth’s threatened habitats, explore this gorgeous new series which offers a striking panorama of endangered habitats around the world.

You Can Save the Planet
Everyone on earth makes an impact on the environment.

You Choose: Survival Adventures - by Matt Doeden
Your survival depends on making the right choices in key moments.