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24/7 Science Behind The Scenes: Forensic Files
You are at the scene of some of history’s most intriguing crimes! Learn about the forensic sciences and high-tech techniques that investigators use to put criminals behind bars.

24/7 Science Behind The Scenes: Medical Files
Take a bite out of crime with this brand new series about deadly killers.

24/7 Science Behind The Scenes: Mystery Files
Forget about blood, bones and corpses! There’s no telling what you’ll uncover if you dare to investigate some of the world’s most fascinating unsolved mysteries—from Bigfoot to lost civilizations to UFOs—and more! Full-colour.

24/7 Science Behind The Scenes: Spy Files
Move over 007! Today’s spies come in all different shapes and sizes and they’re packing weapons designed to disguise.

A Weird History of Science by John Townsend
Take a look at weird and wacky stories of “mad” scientists, how not to do science, and stories or crazy experiments that went wrong (as well as some wild ideas that turned out to be absolutely correct).

Cool Science
Highly accessible writing and a magazine-style format will draw readers into this timely series on cutting-edge science.

What causes a disaster? Go behind the scenes to investigate the science behind natural and man-made catastrophes.

Disasters Up Close
With dramatic images and first-hand survivor stories, plus the latest facts and figures, this series takes you up close with the world’s most devastating disasters.

Disgusting Body Facts by Angela Royston
Books in this series combine vivid photographs with lively illustrations to give readers a glimpse into some of the grossest parts of the human body.

DK Crime Scene Detective
A fun and fascinating look at forensic science! Covering all the main areas of a crime scene—from fingerprints to blood samples to ballistics, toxicology, and forensic anthropology—Crime Scene Detective is a fact filled interactive guide to real-life sleuthing that lets ever reader be a crime-scene detective.

Everything Series
The National Geographic Kids™ Everything Series breathes new life into the reference category with fresh, dynamic and fun presentations of the nonfiction subjects that kids love most.

Food Chain Reactions by Suzanne Slade
Compelling nonfiction stories that highlight the value of biodiversity.

Forensic Files
Through detailed case studies, this series presents the practical application of crime solving through the use of forensics is examined, from its earliest beginnings with the discovery of fingerprint analysis to the development of DNA testing.

Gross Me Out - by Jody Sullivan Rake
Life in the animal kingdom is not always delightful.

Horrible Science Series
For those who can stomach the squeamish side of science! Why and how do your ears stop you from falling off your bike? How could a little bit of gravity make you loose your head? What’s the moon smell like? Why space makes guts explode? Each Horrible Science title includes irreverent facts, quirky quizzes, tests and crazy cartoons.

How Weird Is It? by Ben Hillman
You’ll be amazed! In this remarkable series, Ben Hillman shows young readers just how weird something is.

Inside Science: Readers Series
Invite young readers to step inside the world of science and technology with Inside Science Readers.

Inventions That Shaped The World
This series introduces readers to revolutionary inventions and emphasizes the impact the inventions had upon life at the time of their creation and beyond.

Kids Science - by Shar Levine
Join mad scientists Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone, the creators of Scary Science and Snowy Science, as they go behind the scenes of our country’s favorite sport with thier usual sense of humour and wonder.

Landform Adventurers - by Anita Ganeri
This series presents the most jaw-dropping landforms found on earth through the eyes of the scientists who explore them.

Monster Science
Zombies, werewolves, and vampires may be undead but that doesn’t exempt them from the laws of science! Capitalize on kids’ fascination with all types of monsters and aliens with this creative, hilarious but absolutely fact filled look at important scientific concepts.

Mysterious You Series by Diane Swanson, Cynthia Pratt Nicolson, Trudee Romanek and Rose Cowles
This unique series explores the mysteries of the human body using a mix of factual information, amazing anecdotes and surprising activities.

Nasty (But Useful!) Science -by Kristi Lew and Mark Weakland
Onion juice, bat spit, gut bugs… Scientists study some pretty nasty things to find answers to how our world works.

On My Own Science
Readers will discover the appeal of science.

Protecting Food Chains
The sustainability of life depends on food chains.

Scientists in the Field Series
The Scientist in the Field books show people immersed in the unpredictable and dynamic natural world, making science more accessible, relevant, and exciting to young readers.

Solving Mysteries with Science
A new, fun approach to solving the mysteries of the ages.

The Brainwaves
This is a brilliant series bursting with big ideas.

What’s Lurking In This House? by Nancy Harris
These books introduce readers to the different pests and plants that could be growing in the different rooms of an imaginary house.