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Comfort-Curve Dusting Brush
Constructed of soft, sterilized 100% horsehair, wax-set in a tough durable handle 14-1/2" long.

GM-80 HEPA® Nilfisk Vacuums - Create a clean environment for patrons and employees!
Nilfisk specialized GM-80 HEPA® Filtered Vacuums are designed to gently remove dust from your shelving preventing dust from recirculating back into the air.

Half Round Receptacle
This half round receptacle gives you a full leg up on your waste disposal needs.

Nilfisk BackVacuum™ XP
The harness gently hugs the contours of the human form, with flexibility towards the operator’s size or shape.

Reusable Microfibre Cleaning Cloths
High-tech microfibre material grabs hold of dirt, grease, dust and grime and “locks” onto them.

Safco® - Hygiene Stations
Make your work environment a healthier place to work.

Sterling’s Magic All-Purpose Cleaner
Sterling’s Magic all purpose cleaner works on book jackets, carpets, wood, upholstery and dried on grease and grime.

Tub O’Towels® Cleaning Towels – No water necessary and environmentally friendly!
Removes permanent marker, glue, wax, inks, stains, tar, kid graffiti, shoe polish, lipstick, nail polish, food and drink spills, gum, scuff marks, paint, silicones, caulks, urethanes, epoxies, duct tape residue, adhesives, plastics, decals, spackle, bugs, tree sap, grass stains, grease, oils, lubricants, sealants, etc.